Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Teachers Gifts! Crazy cheap and oh so cute.

It's the end of the school year. Thank God. I am not a morning person. Which apparently can be genetic because you wake up my 3yr old before she is ready....she turns into Gollum. The pillow is her precious. Unless its a weekend. Then of course she will happily jump out of bed like a kanga-freaking-roo and is pissed if I don't follow suit. So yeah, school can go ahead and be done. That means its time for teachers gifts. I've seen some cute ones, some cheesy ones, and some elaborate ones over the years my kids have been in school. This is the one I made last year and they LOVED them. And I loved the price and effort I put into it LOL. We made one for the school nurse, she helped my son so much with his eyedrops so well after his eye surgery and really went above and beyond for his comfort. She is the sweetest thing. She was tickled to death with this gift and told me that her daughter was so envious when she brought it home, she had to make her one. That's a seal of approval for sure right there ; )

At the palace of awesome that is Hobby Lobby I got 4 of these acrylic picture frames. I was lucky and they were half off too. Cha-ching. They have a variety of sizes, you can pick whatever size you like of course, although I think these 5x7's are perfect for a desk or counter. So get your frames then head to the aisle of scrapbook paper. I found some reacher themed stuff, one that was just nice to look out and then found this manly wood panel looking one for one of the dude teachers. He can't be putting some flowery deal on his desk I'm sure. So you just slip your paper on into the frame.

Next pick out some peak and stick letters. You can get a flat sticker type of course but I liked these foam ones that had some depth to them. And the brown looked good with my wood grain paper. I used my 40% off coupon on my Hobby Lobby app and got them for a buck something. If you don't have the Hobby Lobby app on your phone, you should get on that asap. I do not remember things. Things like printing off a coupon before I leave to go to the store. Planning ahead. Half the time I don't even realize I'm going to go till I drive by and the sweet awesomeness inside the store reaches out to me, into my car and turns my steering wheel in that direction on its own. It's gonna cause an accident one of these days I'm sure. So having the app is a must. Plus there is multiple coupons on there sometimes. Win. So use your letters and spell out your name you want on the top of your frame. Of course some names are too long so you could do just their first initial. Or "Mrs S" or something.

I bought a multi-pack of post-its. Make sure your colors coordinate well. Honestly I don't remember the exact price of the post-its. Not much, couple bucks. Now you can just peel off the back piece and stick it on the front of the frame but I added a little double sided tape on the bottom half of it too, just in case. You don't want your gift to have the main piece fall off. Lame. So do that, center it and stick it on the front.

So there you go, cool, cheap teacher gift that they will actually use and looks fun and pretty on their desk. When they run out of post its, they can easily add more. I'm pretty sure they can figure it out how to "refill them". They're teachers after all.
Got the smart stuff ; )

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