Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Love Day Cake Pops!

Couldnt resist sharing these! They were so fun and the heart shaped cookie cutter is so easy to use with the cake pops! Im going to be buying more crazy shapes ASAP!

For the neighbor boys

I couldnt resist laying them all out
My Cake Hearts Army

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl Football Pops!

Ok totally just winged these. Or maybe I should say punted them. Ha. Ha. So funny I am. I just saw a picture of these, by Bakerella in her Cake Pop book, but it was a blurb on using different ingredients to make your pops, not the instructions for the football pops. So, this is how I went with it, guessed, and they turned out pretty ok! They will definitely go good with our baked wings! Go Giants! Bring on the commercials!

I basically followed along with the cake balls recipe in the book. Ive previously only made cake pops on a stick before and although that sounds harder, I found it to be easier. However that is probably due to the shape of the footballs. If they were round like an average cake ball, it probably would be much easier. I used Sugar Free cake mix this time, woo hoo, Im healthy. Not really because I used triple chocolate fudge frosting. Oops! I was also super excited to use my new cool green mixing spinner thing that I am sure had a technical name. Whisp! Thats it. Thank you Mommy.

So I did my best to mold them into football shapes by hand. That wasnt too very difficult, I did fail to make them all uniform in size though. I usually use an ice cream scoop for that purpose and I did start to do that here too, but decided to vary the sizes to see what size worked best for dipping the footballs. Yeah, it didnt matter. So now I have big ones and some lil ones. It works.

Basically all I did after that was dip them in the chocolate candy coating. I just sat them all the way down in the chocolate, spun them till they were all covered them picked them up with a large fork so the extra chocolate could run off. I used a large spoon to hold it stable while I kinda tilted it sideways to help with the run off. After I placed them on the wax paper I took a toothpick and traced along the bottom of the football to stop any run off from solidifying to the paper. It worked pretty good! I then used frosting to make the laces. I will not do this next time. I will use white candy coating. It ran too much, it was a pain. But easily wiped off and redrawn so there is that. Either way, I am happy with em! They're definitely not a perfect touchdown, but a solid field goal for the win! Im corney.