Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Cute totes for your winter gear

Hello. Yes, I have not posted on my blog for almost a year. Yes, I am an awful person and a procrastinator. 'Nuff said.

I get excited opening my closet. Not my bedroom closet, ugh, damn its messy. That later. I currently am excited when I open my coat closet. That was not so last week, in fact I was super annoyed and irritated every time I opened the door. One one of the many 'sucks' of winter is having to wear scarves, gloves, hats, blah, cold, blah. We have a lot of them and I swear they were EVERYWHERE. Well one trip to Michaels and of course inspiration struck and no more. I picked up these too sweet to resist initial luggage tags for $2 a piece. An 'S' for our last name, and one for each of my kids first initials. Pair them up with some recently acquired totes from my sons room (he packed alot of his toys up and away, *sniff, sigh*) and there ya go. Instead of all of our winter gear thrown up on the shelf and falling down constantly they are now all in there own lil place. In their own pretty and fun place. Hence, I love my closet.

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